Hope returns but remember the past to darkness from returning

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Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are now President and Vice President of the United States. Take in those words again.

Breathe, celebrate, rejoice, for this is America’s day and a moment is one we all need.

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The states are radically different from region to region — California to Alabama we live different lives or have different values but we are a united people. Those words rang true in President Biden’s inaugural address calling for unity:


The Fear of an Older Brother

As kids I was the favorite of my parents, the one that could do no wrong in my family. I was someone that my brothers looked up to for years, yet now it feels like all of that is changing.

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Most of my life I felt like my brothers looked up to me like this and that I had been leading the way for them but over the past year I’ve fallen behind drastically them in our adult lives.

Even throughout the pandemic my brothers have been building to success and reaching some of…

Coping with the frustration of losing money

The pain of losing money to a scammer is a painful experience that we don’t get over, the feeling of being deceived in a way that cheated you of your hard earned money or belongings.

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Let this article serve as a bit of a warning to you if you’re planning to sell stuff online or are buying something from someone and something doesn’t seem right.

I recently wrote about how I was scammed on Facebook Marketplace. It’s a service I will continue to push people away due to what happened, and even more…

Run because scams are everywhere there

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Recently I had to list an item on Facebook Marketplace due to seller limits on Ebay — my main site to sell the items I don’t need, and Facebook continued to disappoint.

Record your life to pass down what matters

Family trees have been around for centuries, even millennia. However the real family tree begins for us at the start of the internet. No longer is our family information tied down to one picture of our great grandparents passed down through the family or stories.

Recently my brother had his DNA sent in to ancestry.com and it got me thinking about life and the family tree. Currently we can see some of where our family comes from in a truly special way. …

Success won’t come if burn yourself out

Let’s face it if you’re a writer then you’ve heard something all the time. The old idea of writing success that always seems to creep up:

“Write 2000 words a day, everyday to be successful”

It can apply for medium, your personal blog, or your prized personal novel. There are even big creative writing events like NaNoWriMo and it’s camp variants that encourage you to write practically everyday to meet a daily goal to try to reach the 50,000 to 75,000 words a month in hopes of finishing a novel in a month.

And of course there are people here on Medium that say you should write a story a day.

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How to learn the skills you need in 2021

The new year brings new challenges that must be solved. For someone trying to learn data science the biggest challenge is where to begin? Let me make it a bit easier for you.

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Some just break this down into: Programming, Statistics, Machine Learning, Data Visualizations. These seem easy to figure out but the concepts are actually quite tough. Not to mention all the other aspects you have to learn individually.

Statistics, Calculus, Linear Algebra, SQL, Python, R, Tableau, Excel are all intimidating programs that take a good amount of time to…

Baby steps to big change

What to make some meaningful changes that can help the planet this new year? Awesome! Let’s start off with some quick changes you can make today that aren’t too big. Because let’s face it, you don’t want to compost your left over food scraps. And if you’re like me, you don’t have enough money to drive a Tesla. In that case, these little changes can be a great place to start.

1) Switch to Ecosia for your search engine

Making sure you keep to it in 2021

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Let’s get this out of the way first, 2020 was hard for all of us no matter how you try to break things down. Once the pandemic hit many of us thought we could fully stick to our goals for 2020 of learning a new language, “eating clean” (I’m still not sure what this means), or working out everyday. If you found a way to stick to any of your resolutions, I commend you (I wish I was you). …

Review everything that happened

Before we get to work

This year may have been a terrible one for the majority of us, but it’s still important to break things down to review the events that happened for you.

The year was of course a stressful one for many Americas with the Covid-19 pandemic, the tensions of racial injustice, and a painful election. These are large issues, so I would advice not focusing too much on them if you can. Do not ignore them if they have directly, just know that they will carry into 2021 and possibly beyond.

Instead I…

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